Binance is one of the fastest growing and most popular cryptoasset exchanges, while also being the biggest with over $1bn in daily trading volume and huge selection of assets and different features.
While also being the safest and most reliable crypto exchange in the world with all funds insured by #SAFU fund. It provides a variety of earning opportunities and market-leading tools for traders and investors. Along with great UI, Binance is arguably the most feature-rich exchange available today.
With almost 600 available markets Binance offers far more liquidity than any other exchange.
Start earning rewards for holding coins on Binance exchange.
Deposit or buy any token from a variety of supported ones and earn passive income as you sleep.
Trade BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BCH/USDT and other pairs with upto 125x leverage on a best-in-class trading platform. Needless to say, Binance always offers smooth user experience, easy funding (directly from your Binance Exchange Wallet) and zero downtime.
You can also lend your $USDT or BTC for upto 3% annually.
Fiat to Crypto
A one-stop-shop for buying Bitcoin and other crypto using cash, to make your crypto-purchasing experience even easier. Buy Crypto on Binance with USD, EUR, RUB, and more!
Binance users have come to understand that unless the downtime is planned, there is virtually no disruption of the service at any point - the exchange is able to support 1,400,000+ transactions per second.